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Best 9 Wire Fishing Tools Reviewed [And 1 to Avoid!]
B. B. Lykert
B. B. Lykert
June 26, 2023
PreviewBrandMy RatingPrice
Klein ToolsKlein Tools9.2/10Check Price Now
StartFineStartFine8.8/10Check Price Now
KOOTANSKOOTANS8.8/10Check Price Now
RamProRamPro8.8/10Check Price Now
WXTOOLSWXTOOLS8.8/10Check Price Now
Klein ToolsKlein Tools8.8/10Check Price Now
MagnepullMagnepull9.0/10Check Price Now
VGongTechVGongTech9.0/10Check Price Now
RamProRamPro1/10Check Price Now

Klein Tools Wire Fishing Tools

Klein Tools Wire Fishing Tools

My first impressions of the product were amazing. The tools are made from high-grade steel and feel incredibly sturdy in your hand. I was able to easily thread the wire through cavities, walls, and other constrictions with the help of the semi-flexible fish tapes. The wires come pre-packaged for easy storage and transportation, which is a nice touch.

The tool kit also came with various attachments that could be used with the main part of the tool, including a hook attachment that offered excellent leverage in tight spaces. Additionally, there’s a comfortable, nonslip handle built into each tool that makes it easy to use even when working in less than ideal conditions.

I’m really pleased with my purchase of Klein Tools wire fishing tools. The construction quality is excellent, they have all the features I need and they’ve proven to be quite useful in helping me get around tight spots while completing projects.

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Price history for Klein Tools Wire Fishing Tools on Amazon

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The tools are lightweight and comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time. The plastic design feels sturdy and durable, despite its light weight. Additionally, the variety of sizes ensures that there’s one for every size job. I especially like the small hook on the end of each tool - it makes feeding wires through tight spaces much easier and faster than with my old tools.

The downside is that the smallest tool isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be- a couple of times I had to switch out to another size in order to get through certain openings or wires. However, the price point is excellent considering how many different sizes you get in one purchase.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase from StartFine. The wire fishing tools made quick work of snaking wires through hard-to-reach places, and they’ve proven themselves to be both reliable and cost effective. Though not perfect, these tools have certainly cut down on my installation time.

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Price history for StartFine  on Amazon

KOOTANS Wire Fishing Tools

KOOTANS Wire Fishing Tools

The tools feel well-made and are light in weight, so they won’t add too much additional weight to my tackle bag. They have a comfortable handle for easy maneuvering and a variety of sizes available (2mm, 2.5mm). The handles are also ergonomically designed for maximum comfort when using the tools.

I’ve used these tools several times now, and they work extremely well at grabbing hooks, lures, and jigs when I’m out fishing. They grip really well which makes it really easy to pull out those stubborn lures or jigs that get stuck in the rocks or on tree branches. The flexibility of the tool also allows me to reach difficult spots without having to bend down and get my hands wet.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the KOOTANS wire fishing tools; they perform really well and hold up better than most other wire fishing tools I’ve used in the past. Plus, their price point is definitely reasonable making them great value for money!

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Price history for KOOTANS Wire Fishing Tools on Amazon



The tools came in a plastic pouch, and were wrapped in thick foam to ensure that they wouldn’t be damaged during shipping. The package contains one long wire tool, an angled wire tool, two pliers, three eyelets, and one hook.

The tools are made of high-quality stainless steel material, so I expect them to last for a long time. The long wire tool has a special handle for extra grip and comfort. It also comes with a hook at the end that makes it easier to pull out wires from tight spaces. The angled wire tool is helpful when working on small or complex jobs. Both the pliers and eyelets are good quality and didn’t show any signs of wear after using them multiple times.

Overall these SWANLAKE GARDEN TOOLS are great value for money as they come with all the necessary components you need for your job, as well as being durable products that can take tough use without breaking or showing signs of damage. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs reliable fishing tools!

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Price history for SWANLAKE GARDEN TOOLS  on Amazon

RamPro Wire Fishing Tools

RamPro Wire Fishing Tools

The tools are made of a durable plastic that is both UV-resistant and waterproof, so I can use it outdoors without worry. The entire set comes in a small carry pouch that ensures the items are secured and are easy to transport.

The most important component of this set is the fish probe which works perfectly; it is made with a long flexible wire that easily enters through walls or tubing to retrieve objects. It also has an LED light on the end for illuminating dark spaces making it easier to find lost objects.

In addition, two hook attachments were included with the kit, one regular hook and one spiral hook. These hooks were especially useful as they allow you to access hard-to-reach areas that would have otherwise been impossible with other tools.

All in all, this set of tools was exactly what I needed for my fishing adventures. They are well built, highly functional and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs reliable tools for their fishing trips!

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Price history for RamPro Wire Fishing Tools on Amazon



The tools are very sturdy and have a smooth finish. I’ve been using these tools for the past two months, and so far I’m impressed by the quality of craftsmanship that has gone into this set.

The WXTOOLS tools include four pieces: a rod tip protector, 6-foot flexible wire cable, 18-inch fish tape reel, and an electrical connector for easy attachment to jacks and outlets. The rods are lightweight yet durable, allowing you to bend them in tight places or extend them further than before. I especially like the electrical connectors – they’re quick to attach and evenly spaced on the rod, meaning less effort when setting up wires.

Overall, WXTOOLS provides a top-notch wire fishing tool set at a great price. From my experience so far, it offers excellent value with plenty of features that make it great for reaching those hard-to-reach spots without hassle. Highly recommend!

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Price history for WXTOOLS  on Amazon

Klein Tools Wire Fishing Tools

Klein Tools Wire Fishing Tools

The tools are made of very sturdy materials, with easy-to-grip handles. I felt very secure in my grip when using the fish tape and snake. The clear markings on the fish tape made it simple to remember where I had measured and set new depths. The overall quality of the tools was superb - no loose parts or weird noises when using them.

I also really enjoyed how lightweight the tools were - my arms didn’t ache after a long day of working with them. What’s more, they come with a carry pouch which lets me easily store and transport them to different jobsite locations.

My only issue with Klein Tools wire fishing tools is their cost - obviously spending $66.25 isn’t negligible, but you get what you pay for! So far I haven’t experienced any problems that make me regret my choice, so I’d definitely buy another pair of these for future projects if needed.

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Price history for Klein Tools Wire Fishing Tools on Amazon



The tools come with a great level of detail, and the quality of the materials are very good. In addition to the two main wire-pulling tools that are included, there’s also a range of attachments that can be used for different wiring jobs.

Using the Magnepull wire fishing tools was incredibly easy - it only took me about 20 minutes to figure out how everything worked and get things running smoothly. The instructions were written in language that was easy to understand, and all I had to do to use the tools was attach them to my power drill.

I’m very impressed with the Magnepull product and would highly recommend it for any DIYers or electrical contractors. It’s built strong enough for professional use, and yet also accessible enough for home projects. If you’re looking for some wire fishing tools, this is definitely one worth considering!

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Price history for Magnepull  on Amazon

VGongTech Wire Fishing Tools

VGongTech Wire Fishing Tools

Work perfectly!
Easy to use

These wire fishing tools from VGongTech are an absolute delight to use. Right off the bat, they work perfectly without any hiccups or frustrations. From pulling wires through tight spaces to navigating complex electrical setups, these tools make the task feel like a walk in the park.

What sets VGongTech apart is their commitment to ease of use. The ergonomic design of their wire fishing tools ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to maneuver them with precision and confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll appreciate how seamlessly these tools fit into your hand.

Additionally, VGongTech has made sure that their wire fishing tools are convenient in every way possible. The lightweight construction makes them easy to carry around and prevents fatigue during long projects. Furthermore, the extendable feature allows for flexibility when working in different environments.

I must also commend VGongTech for their attention to detail in terms of durability. These wire fishing tools have been built to withstand rigorous usage and are constructed using high-quality materials that guarantee longevity.

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for top-notch wire fishing tools that not only perform exceptionally but also offer ease of use and convenience, look no further than VGongTech brand. They have truly mastered the art of crafting efficient and reliable tools that will undoubtedly elevate your wire fishing experience to new heights.

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Price history for VGongTech Wire Fishing Tools on Amazon



To begin with, the set only includes two basic parts: a fish tape and a guide. That seems very limited for a product at this price point. After I opened up the package, I examined the quality of the materials. The fish tape seemed to be made from poor plastic, which made it flimsy and difficult to handle. Plus, it was too short for my purposes.

The guide was equally problematic - its ends were not tightly bound together which made it unsafe to use during fishing operations. Additionally, both of these parts had some minor scratches on them when removed from the package suggesting they may have been used before being sold as new.

Overall, I’m dissatisfied with Ram-Pro wire fishing tools because it is low-quality with limited content in spite of its lofty price tag. In my opinion, there are much better options out there that can provide more bang for your buck.

Here is the price history on Amazon:

Price history for RamPro  on Amazon

B. B. Lykert

B. B. Lykert

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