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The Top 9 Best Garden Shears [And Worst 1 to Avoid!]
B. B. Lykert
B. B. Lykert
August 01, 2023
PreviewBrandMy RatingPrice
KWIKEKWIKE10.0/10Check Price Now
damotecdamotec10.0/10Check Price Now
PinoTecPinoTec10.0/10Check Price Now
WORKPROWORKPRO9.6/10Check Price Now
FELCOFELCO9.6/10Check Price Now
LIVINGOLIVINGO9.6/10Check Price Now
PohakuPohaku9.6/10Check Price Now
KynupKynup9.6/10Check Price Now
FiskarsFiskars9.4/10Check Price Now

KWIKE Garden Shears

KWIKE Garden Shears

0! These shears are heavy-duty and made from high-quality materials. They feature an 8” bypass design which allows you to easily cut through stems and branches up to 3/4” in diameter in a single stroke. I’ve used them for pruning shrubs, cutting back flowers, and trimming hedges, and they worked flawlessly. The handles are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, even when wearing gardening gloves.

The KWIK-E shears also came with a blade cover which is great for storage, as well as safety when transporting them. The blades are very sharp, so take care if handling them while they’re still in the cover. Finally, these shears come with a comprehensive warranty that covers the entire product for any manufacturing defect.

In conclusion, I’m extremely happy with my purchase of the KWIK-E garden shears. They are well-made and perform exactly as promised. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a reliable pair of garden shears that will last for years to come!

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Price history for KWIKE Garden Shears on Amazon

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0! I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived on time, and in perfect condition - no dings or scratches. The shears are a beautiful orange color, and come with steel blades that remain sharp after multiple uses. They have comfortable handles that fit easily into my hand, making pruning a breeze.

When using the shears I noticed that they cut through branches with ease and accuracy, allowing me to shape my garden as desired with minimal effort – even thick vines were no problem! After I was finished trimming, the blades stayed in place without any movement which gave me the assurance that all my hard work wouldn’t be undone by an accident. Cleanup was painless thanks to its detachable blades for easy cleaning.

Overall, these garden shears exceeded my expectations and I’m glad I chose damotec for convenience and quality!

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Price history for damotec  on Amazon

PinoTec Garden Shears

PinoTec Garden Shears

These shears are extremely durable, made of precision-ground stainless steel and have a cutting capacity of 1.2 inches! They are professional shears and feel solid in your hand for a strong grip. I’ve been using these shears on a regular basis to prune my bushes and trees, and the cutting through anything is so easy. The blades are sharp, so I don’t need to apply much force to cut through the twigs or branches. Plus, it includes an extra sharpener which allows me to sharpen the blade whenever needed! In addition, they’re easy to clean; just rinse with water or use a damp cloth with little soap or alcohol. All in all, PinoTec garden shears are high quality and worth every penny!

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Price history for PinoTec Garden Shears on Amazon



The 8” Stainless Steel Bypass Pruning Shears from WORKPRO are great for cutting branches, leaves, and other plants. The SK5 steel blades are sharp and make quick work of any trimming job. It can also handle thicker stems with ease. The handles are ergonomically designed to make it easier on the hands - they always felt comfortable even after extended use.

The shears also feature a safety lock that prevents the blades from accidentally opening while in storage. The overall build quality feels solid and reliable; I’m sure my pruner will be with me for many years to come. All in all, you really can’t go wrong with these highly-rated garden shears! They provide great value at a low price, so I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to do some gardening or trimming without breaking the bank!

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Price history for WORKPRO  on Amazon

FELCO Garden Shears

FELCO Garden Shears

I absolutely love these shears! This model is the F 6 which is the high performance Swiss made one-hand pruner. It’s engineered with a comfortable design, an ergonomic handle and features a wire cutting notch so you can safely cut through thin branches.

The blades are incredibly sharp and they easily provide clean cuts on woody plants. The ratchet mechanism also makes it easier to cut thicker branches as it locks onto the branch like a vice grip and then allows you to saw through when needed. I also think these garden shears were designed very well in terms of being able to adjust the tension of the blades.

Overall, I highly recommend Felco Pruning Shears for anyone who wants a quality, sturdy pair of garden shears that will last for years to come. They are definitely worth their price tag and are great value for all your gardening needs!

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Price history for FELCO Garden Shears on Amazon



The shears are pretty heavy duty and are made out of a premium titanium coating forged stainless steel, which means they are extremely durable and should last for a long time. The handles have a comfortable grip that’s easy to hold on to, even with wet hands. The blade is nice and sharp, making cutting through thick branches or fabric a breeze. There’s also a joint in the middle of the blades for precise cuts.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase! This product is great for pruning plants and shrubs in the garden as well as cutting fabric or any other project around the house that requires scissors. I’d highly recommend these shears to anyone looking for an efficient, reliable tool. The price tag might be a bit steep at first glance, but it’s totally worth it since you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of this product in no time!

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Price history for LIVINGO  on Amazon

Pohaku Garden Shears

Pohaku Garden Shears

It was easy to use right out of the box and had a comfortable, ergonomic handle. It is well-made and made of high-quality materials that are designed to last.

The shears have a sharp blade that cuts easily through tough stems and branches, while a safety lock keeps it securely closed when not in use. The spare spring provided allows for quick replacement when needed. In addition, the bypass design means you can get into tight spots without worrying about damaging the stems or flowers. I liked the fact that these shears were lightweight and comfortable for long periods of use.

My experience with Pohaku garden shears has been excellent so far – I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for reliable, quality garden tools. The price is also reasonable and should last you several years with proper care and maintenance.

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Price history for Pohaku Garden Shears on Amazon



The shears are made of high-quality steel and come with a lifetime guarantee. They have a comfortable, ergonomic design, so they fit snugly in my hand. The blades are sharp, making it easy to cut cleanly and accurately even through tough branches. I love the fact that the blades lock into place for added safety when not in use. I also appreciate how lightweight they are - I don’t get tired from using them even after long days of gardening. The only downside is that there isn’t a holster for keeping the shears safe when not in use - but that’s a minor issue. All in all, Kynup garden shears are an excellent value for the money and perfect for tackling any gardening task.

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Price history for Kynup  on Amazon

Fiskars Garden Shears

Fiskars Garden Shears

Clean and efficient cutting
Easy to grip and maneuver
Soft handle for comfort
Suitable for small hands

First and foremost, the Fiskars garden shears are a cut above the rest when it comes to clean and efficient cutting. With their sharp blades, they effortlessly slice through stems and branches with precision. No more struggling or jagged cuts!

One of the standout features of these shears is their ergonomic design. The handle is not only easy to grip but also allows for smooth maneuverability, making pruning a breeze. Whether you’re reaching for those high branches or trimming in tight spaces, these shears will be your trusty companion.

Comfort is key when spending hours tending to your garden, and Fiskars understands this well. The soft handle provides a cushioned grip that reduces hand fatigue and ensures a comfortable experience even during extended use. Plus, the handle’s design is suitable for gardeners with small hands - a thoughtful touch that sets Fiskars apart.

In terms of durability, Fiskars doesn’t disappoint either. These shears are built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand regular use without losing their cutting edge.

While there may be other garden shear options available on the market, Fiskars stands out as a top choice due to its clean cutting ability, ease of use, comfort-focused design, and suitability for different hand sizes. So if you’re seeking reliable shears that combine functionality with comfort, look no further than Fiskars!

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Price history for Fiskars Garden Shears on Amazon



The shears look great; the green color is really vibrant and the steel handles feel sturdy in your hands. But the non-stick blade was definitely not a good purchase for me; most of my plants ended up getting damaged instead of trimmed! The blades are too thick, so it feels like I’m forcing them through when trimming small branches or leaves. Plus, they’re quite dull and often get stuck on the plant material.

I’ve had much better luck with manual pruners than with these garden shears, but I still wish MARTHA STEWART would have taken more time to perfect their product. All things considered, I wouldn’t recommend these hedge shears to anyone looking for a reliable garden tool.

Here is the price history on Amazon:

Price history for MARTHA STEWART Garden Shears on Amazon

B. B. Lykert

B. B. Lykert

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