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Top 9 Slime Mixers Reviewed [And 1 to Avoid!]
B. B. Lykert
B. B. Lykert
July 17, 2023
PreviewBrandMy RatingPrice
Amazon Basics Slime Activator Solution 1 Quart (946ml)Amazon Basics Slime Activator Solution 1 Quart (946ml)9.4/10Check Price Now
Brain BlastBrain Blast9.4/10Check Price Now
Canal Toys USA LtdCanal Toys USA Ltd9.0/10Check Price Now
Mini angelMini angel9.0/10Check Price Now
Casdon Little CookCasdon Little Cook8.8/10Check Price Now
GirlZoneGirlZone8.8/10Check Price Now
CraZArtCraZArt8.6/10Check Price Now
SCS DirectSCS Direct8.6/10Check Price Now
HappybuyHappybuy1/10Check Price Now

Amazon Basics Slime Activator Solution 1 Quart (946ml)

Amazon Basics Slime Activator Solution 1 Quart (946ml)

The mixer itself is the perfect size and fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. It feels really durable and doesn’t feel too light or too heavy. The speed settings are also great, I can slow it down to mix softer materials without it flying everywhere, or set it to high when I’m making bigger batches in one go.

I’ve been using this mixer for a few weeks now while making slime with my kids and it hasn’t broken once! The motor is surprisingly powerful despite its small size, so small foam beads are no problem. We even tried different types of clay and found that it mixes both easily and quickly – no clumps! Clean up is also simple as most of our material comes off the blades with a little bit of warm water.

Overall I’d highly recommend the ‎Amazon Basics slime mixer if you’re looking for an affordable and effective product that gets the job done. Highly recommended!

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Price history for Amazon Basics Slime Activator Solution 1 Quart (946ml) on Amazon

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Brain Blast

Brain Blast

The product is fun and easy to use, which is perfect for a budget-friendly gift. It comes with two speed settings and eight different mixing attachments for various slimes.

The mixer works great for mixing regular slime, glitter, and foam slime. I love that my kiddo can easily switch between settings depending on the type of slime they want to make. The powerful motor ensures quick mixing times, so my kids can whip up a batch of slime in no time!

It’s also very user friendly and comes with all of the necessary parts that you’ll need. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, even if you’ve never mixed slime before. Plus, as an added bonus it doesn’t take up too much room on the counter or table.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase! The Brain Blast Slime Mixer has made creating new kinds of slime lots of fun! Its affordability makes it the perfect gift for any young crafter in your household!

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Price history for Brain Blast  on Amazon

BYONEBYE Slime Mixer

BYONEBYE Slime Mixer

The first thing I noticed about it was how compact and lightweight it is. It weighs only 8 ounces, is just 5.5” tall, and fits easily in a single hand. The stainless steel mixing cup holds up to 4 ounces of slime, great for making small batches.

I was also impressed by how easy it is to use. All you have to do is place the ingredients in the cup, turn on the mixer and press the button at the end until your slime has reached desired consistency - it takes no more than 30 seconds! The motor runs quietly too, so you don’t have to worry about any annoying sound.

Cleanup is made even easier thanks to the detachable parts - everything can be taken apart and washed quickly with soap and water. And after all that fun, you can store the mixer away safely without taking up too much room thanks to its slim design.

Overall I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. As a beginner slime-maker I certainly appreciate both its convenience and performance; this mixer makes creating different kinds of slimes hassle-free!

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Price history for BYONEBYE Slime Mixer on Amazon

Canal Toys USA Ltd

Canal Toys USA Ltd

Upon unboxing it, I was impressed by its simplistic yet modern design. It also comes with two containers and three wheels to mix the slime in—perfect for creating different colors and textures.

I tested out the slime mixer and its ease of use was amazing! It doesn’t require any batteries or installation whatsoever, which is great. All I had to do was turn the knobs on each wheel and add the ingredients. The container holds a decent amount of slime, so even my large batches were easy to make.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase. The Canal Toys USA Ltd slime mixer makes creating slime a quick, mess-free process at an affordable price point. Plus, it’s well made and attractive enough to sit out in plain view on my countertop whenever I need it!

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Price history for Canal Toys USA Ltd  on Amazon

Mini angel Slime Mixer

Mini angel Slime Mixer

It is a great product and definitely worth the price.

The mixer is easy to use and came with instructions on how to get the best results. I started out by pouring in half a cup of glue, 1/4 cup of water, some colorant, and 3 scoops of Borax powder into the mixing bowl. Next, I attached the motor to the base, turned it on and watched as the mixing blades got to work. The machine was surprisingly quiet while running but very effective in creating a gooey slime texture.

The Mini angel slime mixer also features an auto shut-off which makes it safe for kids to use without supervision. I especially appreciate this feature as it takes away any worries about leaving my kids with potentially hazardous equipment.

My experience with this product has been nothing but positive and I would absolutely recommend it for anyone wanting to make awesome homemade slime! So give it a try - you won’t be disappointed!

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Price history for Mini angel Slime Mixer on Amazon

Casdon Little Cook

Casdon Little Cook

The Casdon Little Cook is a great tool for making slime. The design of the mixer makes it easy to use and the parts are all very sturdy. The mixer includes four mixing cups and a variety of mixing attachments that can be used to mix different types of slimes. It also has two speed settings, allowing you to adjust the speed of the mixer depending on the thickness of your mixture.

In terms of performance, the Casdon Little Cook does a great job. It mixed my slime ingredients together perfectly and resulted in a nice thick consistency with no air bubbles or clumps. The only issue I had was that it didn’t come with any instructions on how to get started, so I had to look online for tutorials.

Overall, I am really happy with my purchase and would recommend this product if you’re looking for an efficient way to make slime at home. Plus, its affordable price makes it a great value too!

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Price history for Casdon Little Cook  on Amazon

GirlZone Slime Mixer

GirlZone Slime Mixer

The success of this product is due to its versatility. From the get-go, it was easy to figure out how to use it and I had my slime mixed quickly and efficiently.

The slime mixer also comes with a wide range of attachments, making it suitable for working with different types of slime, from fluffier to more viscous varieties. The blades are adjustable, so you can customize your mixing action either by speeding up or slowing down the motor - this feature definitely proved useful in ensuring my slime came out just right.

All in all I’d happily recommend GirlZone’s slime mixer to anyone looking for an efficient, reliable tool for mixing their own homemade slimes. It’s simple enough that anyone can use it but powerful enough that you can trust it won’t let you down.

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Price history for GirlZone Slime Mixer on Amazon



This mixer is perfect for making slime. It comes with a plastic bowl (capacity 2L), two metal mixing paddles, and an electric motor with a variable speed control. Setting up the mixer was easy and I’m confident that anyone could do it without any extra help.

The motor is extremely powerful and the variable speed settings make it easy to find exactly the right amount of power that you need. It mixes ingredients evenly and quickly, leaving my finished product perfectly blended. I’ve even found that I can use it to mix more than just slime; it’s helpful when I need to blend some cookie dough or chop up vegetables!

Overall, Cra-Z-Art’s slime mixer is an affordable option that works great for all kinds of mixing needs. The quality of the parts seems durable enough to last for a long time and the price tag is reasonable. Highly recommended!

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Price history for CraZArt  on Amazon

SCS Direct Slime Mixer

SCS Direct Slime Mixer

Vibrant scents
Loved by kids

The first thing that caught my attention about the SCS Direct slime mixer was its vibrant scents. The delightful aroma of each slime variant added an extra sensory experience to the mixing process. From fruity bursts to sweet confections, the scents were both invigorating and enjoyable.

Another remarkable feature of this mixer was its long-lasting consistency. Once mixed, the slime retained its smooth and stretchy texture for a prolonged period. I appreciated how it didn’t dry out quickly like some other brands I’ve tried before. This meant more playtime and less waste!

But what truly sets the SCS Direct slime mixer apart is its popularity among kids. It’s no surprise why youngsters adore this product - the bright colors, enticing scents, and silky feel combine to create an irresistible allure. As a result, it has become a favorite of children everywhere.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a top-notch slime mixer, look no further than SCS Direct brand. With its vibrant scents, long-lasting formula, and undeniable appeal to kids, this product is a winner in every aspect. So go ahead and get mixing – your little ones will thank you!

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Price history for SCS Direct Slime Mixer on Amazon



The mixer looks sturdy and well-made, but unfortunately doesn’t perform as promised. It’s supposed to be able to mix up ingredients within 1 minute, but it takes me at least 5 minutes with a lot of effort.

The motor is really loud, which is really annoying when I’m trying to make slime. Additionally, the blades don’t seem sharp enough to actually mix properly. I have to constantly stop and stir the contents myself manually with a spoon.

I’ve also noticed that this product isn’t as durable as promised. The plastic lid broke after only a few uses, so now there’s no way to contain all the mess while I’m mixing my slimes.

I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, since it seems like a complete waste of money. If you’re looking for an effective way to mix ingredients for your slime recipes, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Here is the price history on Amazon:

Price history for Happybuy  on Amazon

B. B. Lykert

B. B. Lykert

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